HOMEMASS MEDIAXavier in the NewsGive Catalonia its freedom to vote - by Pep Guardiola, Josep Carreras and other leading Catalans
12 October 2014
Give Catalonia its freedom to vote - by Pep Guardiola, Josep Carreras and other leading Catalans
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Mr. Josep Guardiola, former star player and coach at Barcelona FC and now coach of Bayern Munich FC
Mr. Josep Carreras
, member of “The Three Tenors” with Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti and world-renowned opera star
Mr. Jordi Savall
, viol player, conductor and composer, one of the major figures in the field of early music, largely responsible for bringing instruments of the viol family back to life on the stage and making medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music more widely known.
Dr. Joan Massagué
, leading cancer researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Dr. Pol Antràs
, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, Boston
Dr. Xavier Sala i Martín
, Professor of Development Economics, Columbia University, New York

Give Catalonia its freedom to vote

The Catalans just want to vote. In 1773, just 59 years after Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, was taken by the Spanish army and the region’s institutions were abolished, the Sons of Liberty led the audacious Boston Tea Party. At the core of their protest was the belief that the American colonies were overtaxed while their opinions were not taken into account in London. That action ignited the revolutionary process by which the American colonies became the United States of America, having the defense of liberty, justice and democracy as the frontispiece of its new Constitution.

The angry reaction of the British crown to the Boston events only fueled the revolt and convinced many loyalist settlers that only independence would guarantee their legitimate rights. Nevertheless, today the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is still one of the closest alliances in the world, based on shared values and aspirations between mature democracies with deep respect for rights and freedom. Old quarrels are long forgotten [...]

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