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11 November 2010
Professors look beyond trends and tweeds
Mass media - News Sala i Martín
Columbia Spectator

The phrase “Ivy League professor” often conjures up images of tweedy jackets with elbow patches, beige corduroy pants, squeaky leather loafers, and the skinny, pale academics that often inhabit them. Yet, this stereotype certainly doesn’t apply to assistant professor of anthropology Paige West and economics professor Xavier Sala-i-Martin.

While their students stress over midterms and often barely have time to throw on a pair of sweatpants, West and Sala-i-Martin manage to dress sharply every day. West’s regular work wardrobe includes sophisticated suits and fierce heels, complemented by a pair of quirky eyeglasses. On the other hand, Professor Sala-i-Martin, the ever-stylish but unconventional dresser, generally opts for a monochromatic ensemble of a black button-down shirt, black dress pants, and a black tie, topped with a colorful, flamboyant suit jacket [...]

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