30 October 2015
More than $1.5 Billion in Deals Signed at Astana Invest Forum
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Astana Times

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Three agreements worth $580 million in new projects in Kazakhstan were signed following the Oct. 29 morning session of this year’s Astana Invest Forum, including projects on infrastructure, manufacturing and energy. Overall, more than 30 agreements worth more than $1.5 billion were signed at the event.

The biggest-ticket item is a $400 million deal on implementing infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan’s major cities, including building malls and entertainment centres. The project will involve Merey Real Estate Management. China Railway Asia-Europe Construction Investment is also taking part in a $100 million project on creating a centre for engineering and leasing construction equipment. Another $80 million agreement was signed between the Astana Akimat (city administration) and Global Gas Group on a gasification project in the Kazakh capital.


Other speakers at the forum offered advice for Kazakhstan in improving its investment climate and reviewed the successful paths of other countries. Xavier Sala-i-Martin, professor of economics at Columbia University and special economic adviser on the Global Competitiveness Programme of the World Economic Forum, discussed the changing ideas of what makes competitiveness and said the World Economic Forum was in the process of redesigning two of their pillars of competitiveness, mechanisms for rating innovation.


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