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20 January 2009

Ranking of Universities by Number of Presidents of the USA

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Someone asked for a ranking of Universities by the number of Presidents they had as students: here it is.

(1) Harvard = 8 (includes George W. Bush -Business School- , JFK -who, before becoming an airport, was an undergraduate student at Harvard- and Barack Obama -Law School).
(2) Yale = 5 (includes Bush father and son -undergraduates both- and Clinton -Law School)
(3) William and Mary = 4 (all the presidents are before 1845, but includes my favorite: Thomas Jefferson).
(4) COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY = 3 (Yeeee!!! This iincludes Barack Obama)
(4) Princeton = 3 (all undergrads, among them, JFK who transfered to Harvard so he never graduated from Princeton).
All other schools have 2 or less.

Well! But the "school" that has the most students is the MONTILLA school: 10 Presidents did not have university education!!!

Note: The last president of the United States who did not attend college was Grover Cleveland who was president in 1893-97, in the XIXth Century: one century and ten years ago! Montilla does not have a college education but he is president today, in the XXIst century. That explains many of the things going on in Gulagtalunya!

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