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07 October 2008

Good bye Palin Effect, Hello Financial Crisis Effect

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t looks like the betting markets believe that the election is all but over. Habemus new President and his name will be Barack Obama.

In late September it appeared that Sarah Palin brought new life to the McCain campaign, but the collapse of the financial markets has reminded everyone that the current President is George Bush (who, up to that point was missing from the news... and that was good for McCain) and that the Bush presidency has been a disaster.

History shows that when there is economic disarray, the party in power loses the presidency. I think the same will be true this time.

The insults and the attempts to link Obama to black extremists conducted by the republicans, not only are disgusting but they are not working. At this stage of the game, Bill Clinton's words are truer than ever: "It's the economy, stupid". And the economy works against the republicans, especially because McCain looks as lost as everyone else. The lack of economic leadership of this man is really worrisome.

The only thing left is to pray that the Obama president follows the centrist and moderate policies that is proposing now and not the extreme left policies he was proposing during the primaries.

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